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Human digital integration


Provide individuals with AI means to navigate social challenges effectively while maintaining their individuality and independence.


Information Digital Twins Everywhere

Semarx is about Using AI for the Good of the Individual

Semarx stands for "Semantic Matrix." That's what we do: capture semantic correlation across complex modalities, experiment, predict and prescribe actions for automated and effective decision-making.

With the increasing digitization and use of AI in most areas of life, we became interested in how to enable individuals to establish a balance of attention between immediate and long-term interests. This is the motivation behind the Information Digital Twins (IDT) technology: to let a person choose how to deal with the growing demands of society based on their own preferences and interests.

We are a team of technology professionals focused on innovating using IDT and AI, derive personalized data-driven insights to enable everyone to make balanced choices, proactively navigate social & commercial challenges, and pursue their interests in an informed, healthy manner.

In Social AI, our aim is to empower individuals and leverage their social involvement in the face of social challenges; we also aim to offer social institutions the AI tools they need to reflect individuals' sentiments, interests, and preferences in planning for social changes and decisions.

We partner with various system integrators and technology vendors to provide our solution, the Social AI Platform.

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