Social AI Platform Use Cases

Predict and Become Predictable

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Information digital twin (IDT)

The goal of the Social AI Platform is to enable businesses, institutions, and communities to optimize and automate complex scenarios toward achieving their goals in a changing and uncertain environment.

Prediction is a key factor in achieving such optimization and automation, which is the task of the various Information Digital Twins (IDT) in the environment. Each IDT observes its user and provides primary prediction signals. The prediction signals are then used to guide the IDT user's actions toward the scenario goal but in line with the user's own preferences and interests. 

The prediction signals are further aggregated on the platform level to indicate the progress of an entire scenario towards the desired objectives and to provide insights and guide scenario-level decisions. 

The following use cases explore the potential of the Social AI Platform in enabling the management of complex scenarios in various domains. Each use case is discussed in more detail in a two-page white paper.

Current Social AI Platform Use Cases

How to use the Social AI Platform and patient-specific digital twin (Patient Human Digital Twin) to reduce the risks of neonatal ICU patients by continuously monitoring patients, predicting potential critical events, and alerting medical personnel. The critical events predictions provide the medical staff with sufficient time to further examine the unfolding situation and mitigate potential risks, thus improving treatment effectiveness and reducing patients' risks.  

How to use the Social AI Platform and personal digital twins (the TwinUp app) to reduce children's risk of abuse by monitoring a child's social interactions, predict potential abuse risk events, alert them to change their behavior, or involve their caregivers to intervene and mitigate an abuse event before it occurs, thus reduce abuse in a community and ensure children safety. 

How to use the Social AI Platform and a Shipment Digital Twin, to track a shipment progress through a supply chain, predict shipment-specific delays, and provide operators with alerts and mitigation options to avoid delays and ensure delivery times and costs.

How to use the Social AI Platform and a combination of Human and Information Digital Twins to coordinate complicated human-machine interactions toward a common goal. Each digital twin keeps track of its user interactions, whether human or machine, predicts deviations from task objectives, and alerts their user or other team members so they can alter their actions accordingly, resulting in better overall team collaboration and goal achievement.