How to get there? 

... use Information Digital Twins!

The Social AI Platform uses a new type of digital twins - the Information Digital Twin (IDT) - to enable public and commercial organizations to automate complex people-based scenarios and decisions.


Simultaneously, the Social AI Platform enables people to automate their complex social and professional transactions according to their personal preferences, lifestyle and objectives.

The Social AI Platform is not just a solution, rather, It's a technology framework that can manage and automate many types of complex scenarios involving people, machines, and organizations.

The Social AI Platform places the active agent of a scenario - whether human or machine - at the center of all decisions. As a result, process coordination and optimization reflect each agent's unique choices and preferences, which is critical for achieving adaptation and social resilience.

Why is the Social AI Platform Different? 

Universal Use Cases

It is capable of managing a wide range of digital process, regardless of domain. The platform can be used to manage chronic disease or pandemics, as well as energy consumption or supply chain optimization scenarios.   

Digital Twins-Based

The platform is based on a new class of digital twins, the Information Digital Twin (IDT), which models and monitors the information exchanged between its user and the environment, learns user preferences, and increases their social capacity by automating some of their interactions.

Users Driven

The platform learns from its users. That is, each action or choice made by a user linked to the platform affects the information used by all other users, resulting in significantly faster learning and adaptation to changes. 

The Social AI Platform's central component is a universal type of digital twins, the Information Digital Twin (IDT).

The IDT enables its user to predict their environment, and-if desired-be predictable by others around them, which facilitates effective collaboration and automation.

Human digital integration

The IDT learns its user preferences and automates some of their digital interactions. Thus, the IDT significantly boosts individuals' capacity to connect with society while freeing more of their attention to focus on their personal wellbeing.  

Depending on the domain or use case, the Information Digital Twin (IDT) can be deployed as a mobile or desktop application that connects people to the platform, in which case it is referred to as a Human Digital Twin (HDT).


The IDT can also be deployed as a standalone device equipped with sensors and actuators to integrate robots or other types of agents into the platform (read more!).