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Information Digital Twin (IDT)

Welcome to the Social AI Platform and the Information Digital Twin (IDT)

Usually, you also need new tools when you start making something new. The Social AI Platform and the Information Digital Twin (IDT) are new ideas that have never been used before. Our main challenge has been - and still is - to figure out and build the new tools we need to build and spread these ideas. We don't just mean new algorithms or technologies when talking about tools, but mainly new terminology to show what is new about the two concepts, how they are different, and what they can do. For this reason, our blog is called the Social AI Platform Blog.

For example, when we talk about an "Information" Digital Twin, what exactly do we mean by "information"? Actually, the term "information" still means different things in different contexts, and there is an ongoing debate over developing a unified and formal definition that can be applied uniformly across all fields and sciences. The same is true for "intelligence"; there is currently no clear, consistent, and unified definition of what intelligence entails. As an analogy, it was impossible to build and mature all sorts of heat engines without consistent formalization of notions such as energy, heat, and entropy. The same is true for aviation; only with the advancement of aerodynamics was it possible to design planes as we know them today.

As a result, we think that to get a grip on our new ideas, and to be able to differentiate and communicate them, we also need to make sure that our terminology is precise and formal. We will try to do this through a series of posts on this blog. To start, we will talk about "what is information?", and what it means In the context of the Information Digital Twin.

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