The HDT is a subset of the broader concept of an Information Digital Twin (IDT). Whereas the IDT is dedicated to learning and monitoring the interactions (or communications) of a smart machine or an agent, the HDT is dedicated to learning and monitoring human interactions. Both, however, have the same architecture and use the same logic. The HDT/IDTs enable thus complex smart interactions in which humans and machines work together to achieve common goals. 

HMT Environment

HMT environments also include a large number of functional systems, each of which performs a specific task in the environment, such as flight control systems, supply chain systems, or production management systems. That is, humans and agents achieve their objectives by interacting with one another and with a variety of other non-learning systems. ​


HMT Environment Performance

Each HDT/IDT captures and retains a communication model of its human or agent. These models are created using the same standards and structures. As a result, it is possible to integrate these communication models in order to evaluate the overall performance of the environment.