What is Information? What is Intelligence?


Optimizing the Social AI Platform

As a novel technology and concept, the Social AI Platform provides previously undefined functionalities. The two primary areas of research are thus: designing algorithms to manage the complexity (size and interactions) of the Platform's many models (model optimization) and designing algorithms to enable the Information Digital Twins connected to the platform to provide optimal decisions across multiple dependent user scenarios (decision optimization).

Currently, we have two pending patents covering the Social AI Platform's novel techniques and algorithms.

Information and Intelligence Unified Definitions

Intelligence and information are yet undefined concepts. Because there are no unifying definitions for each, it is challenging to produce broad, human-like intelligence, also known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

We believe that as the Social AI Platform matures as a broad platform for supporting many scenarios, rigorous definitions of "Information" and "Intelligence" are required. Providing such definitions is one of our research goals. The following are the two unified definitions we are relying on for designing the Social AI Platform elements and algorithms.

Information - The capacity of a system to predict its environment and be predictable by it (measured in bits).

Intelligence - The activities of a system to increase its information, i.e., increase its capacity to predict and be predictable.


Model Optimization

Each user on a mature Social AI Platform will participate in hundreds of different scenarios throughout their usage. Numerous scenarios will be active on the users' HDT at any given time. This means that the user-specific REM will need to accommodate a large number of events and their associated parameters in a single view (a multi-dimensional information cube).


What algorithm is required to continually update and optimize the probabilities associated with the various parameters to maintain or maximize the platform's information?

Social AI Platform
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Decision Optimization

Assuming once more the mature environment. The user's HDT must then calculate the "optimal path" across numerous scenarios in order to deliver actionable recommendations to the user. Ultimately, effective decision automation requires decision optimization.

What algorithm is necessary for the IDT to determine the ideal route for maintaining and expanding its information in the face of changes?